Wind Turbines

Rippey Wind Energy Project

Work continues on the Rippey Wind Energy's 50 MW project covering  3,489 acres  in Junction and Washington Townships of Greene County, Iowa. The project includes 20 2.5 MW Nordex turbines with a height of 100 meters to the hub and with a 100 meter blade diameter generating a swept area of almost 2 acres. With blades extended skyward, the total height is 492 feet. Basically, the higher and longer the blades, the greater the generating capacity. Including Rippey, and two other projects the parent company, RPM Access LLC,  is developing in 2012, the combined electrical output  should serve the electrical requirements of almost 70,000 homes. RPM Access LLC is headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa.
The Rippey project construction is well underway, with road construction, laydown areas, and substation grading completed in late 2011. In early April, 2012, turbine locations were excavated and foundation construction commenced. It is expected that turbine foundation work will be finished in late May to coincide with deliveries of tubular tower sections, blades, and nacelles. By the end of July, the wind generators should be erected and then will be subjected to rigorous testing with a substantial completion date of mid September.
Jim Dimond, Site Developer for Rippey Wind Energy LLC stated that their principal goals were zero recordable injuries, promoting good landowner relationships, adherence to easement agreements, and on-time completion. RPMA has worked with Mortenson Construction and Nordex before and has a close working relationship and knowledge of the critical requirements for a successful build.
Power from the Rippey project has been sold under a long term power purchase arrangement with Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO) for use within its network of 13 rural electric cooperatives serving 58 of Iowa's 99 county. Wind energy is a unique opportunity for Iowa to source its electrical requirements locally in a way that benefits landowners, counties and the state. Further, this energy is clean and serves to advance our desire for energy independence. Iowa has the highest percentage of its electrical power from wind (18.8% in 2011) at the same time it has very competitive consumer electricity rates.
Dimond pointed out the extraordinary cooperation of landowners and the county in bringing this project to fruition. The company identified Tim Healey, County Zoning Administrator, Jane Huen, County Auditor, Wade Weiss, County Engineer, Don Van Gilder, Deputy County Engineer, the Board of Supervisors and Board of Adjustment as being of major assistance in the long 4 year lead-up to construction.
For those wishing to track the progress of construction, go to website You will need Google  Earth. If you point the cursor at the turbine or road entrance, you will see weekly sequential progress photos for each turbine and entrance.

Rippey Cemetery Walk
June 2, 2012

6 of Rippey’s early settlers and those who heavily influenced the development of the town and community and Greene County will be portrayed by volunteers, telling the story of the deceased while standing at their grave sites at the Rippey Cemetery.

Beginning at 4:30 PM on Saturday June 2, the walk will be followed by an evening meal at the Rippey Methodist church, featuring a chicken entrée, vegetable, tossed salad, dessert and beverages. The tickets for the event are $10.00, and may be purchased at the cemetery entrance on Saturday afternoon.

Roy Bardole will be portraying his great grandfather Mr. Bill Bardole, (W.H./William). He was born in Pennsylvania in 1841, and came to Iowa by way of Illinois in a covered wagon.

Hannah Brown Derry will be portrayed by her great, great-granddaughter Velda Derry DeMoss.  Hannah was born in a log cabin ¼ mile south of Pleasant Hill Church.  Hannah’s father was a director of the first school in Greene County, the Brand School.

Hannah Martin Grow, born in 1866, will be portrayed by her great-granddaughter, Doris Grow Brown. The wife of Abram, the Rippey History Book has a description of using 5 oxen with a 24 foot beam to break the virgin prairie of Greene County.

Janice Johnston will be telling the story of interacting with the “tame Indians”. She will be portraying “Pink” Gilliland Kupfer, whose husband, Emil, appears to have arrived from New York via an early orphan train. Be certain to listen for the portion about Mrs. Black Dog frightening visiting young white settlers as she hosted them in her wigwam.

Benjamin Franklin Osborn born in 1854 was a Rippey leader and seemingly quite the character. He will be portrayed by Dick Bardole.  His daughter in law, Mabel, taught in the Rippey Consolidated School for many years.  We wonder if Dick will tell the story of the back stair case in the Osborn Drug store.

Alan Robinson will be doing a portrayal of Mr. Azor Mills. Though not buried at the Rippey cemetery he will talk about the Brand School, the first school in Greene County located in Washington Township at the Old Rippey settlement. The school sent 32 pupils to the Civil War, and many names and their descendants are still recognized here in Greene County.

The “people mover” is being made available by Mr. Wilford Roberts of Perry. He has designed a self-contained vehicle that can be described as a flat rack for hay with bleachers, which will be available for persons unable to walk to the various grave sites. It is easily accessible has rails and three levels of seating on both sides.

In case of inclement weather the portrayals’ will be done in the sanctuary of the Rippey Methodist Church. The meal will be served at 6:00 PM in the fellowship hall of the church.

The event is sponsored by the Friends of Rippey, and proceeds will be used to purchase equipment for the kitchen of the community building.

And now the news......
June 1, 2012

The Rippey Ladies Aid held their guest day on Thursday, May 3 at 9:30 in the morning.  Guests were served a fruit cup, coffee cake, muffins and coffee.  The nut cups contained gummy bears and mini teddy grahams.  The theme this year was "Bear With Us".  The Fellowship Room and entryway were filled with Teddy Bears.  The bears had been judged and awarded ribbons.  Following the welcome and a little Teddy Bear history, Jan Friess read several scriptures that contained the word "bear".  A sing along was held using hymn that contained the word "bear". 
Dick Bardole read a modern day story of Goldilocks and the three bears and he also sang Elvis Presley's hit song, "I just want to be your Teddy Bear".  The Thursday Morning Players presented Goldilocks and the Three Bears narrated by Jean Borgeson.  Dale Hanaman was Papa Bear, Maralynn Rinker was Mama Bear and Jo Bardole was Baby Bear.  Myron Rinker played the part of Goldilocks.  The morning ended with the Thursday Morning Singers singing a couple of their favorite gospel songs accompanied by Midge Vannatta. 

Kyle DeMoss of Jefferson received his certification from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy on Friday, May 18 at Hawkeye Community College.  Kyle, a graduate of ICCC and Simpson College with a degree in criminal justice completed eight weeks at the ILA, receiving the Leadership Award in the class.  Those attending the ceremony were his wife Emily, who pinned on his badge, her parents, Larry and Laurie Maach of Ogden, his parents, Shawn and Lori DeMoss of Rippey, his grandmother, Velda DeMoss of Rippey and several of the Jefferson police department.  The family group had supper together in Ames and were joined by Bryce DeMoss. Regrets were sent by grandparents, Kathy and Bob VanGundy of Jamaica who were out of town.   

    Jean Borgeson recently spent four days with her brother’s family, Floyd, Dianne and their daughter, Sarah Hope, who live in Montgomery, TX.  This trip was a gift from Jean’s children, their spouses, the grandchildren, the dog, and the now deceased goat. (That’s the way the card was signed)
    Sarah Hope was finishing her sophomore year at Montgomery High School, where she participates in the vocal choir and madrigal choir.  The choir was having their year-end variety show and Sarah was chosen to sing a solo. The kids got to choose their numbers and there was lots of silliness. She was also notified that she was accepted into the National Honor Society, which was an accomplishment for a sophomore and being in a class of over 500.
    The family attended a performance of “Beauty and the Beast” given by the local Christian Youth Theater based in Houston.  That was amazing and most of those performers were home-schooled and their performance and staging depended on a lot of volunteers.  Sarah had performed with this group for three productions, when she was younger.  We adults enjoyed taking Sarah and her best friend, Heidi out for supper.  Yes, the 16 year olds had the giggles.  It was catching.
   Jean hadn’t seen her youngest brother and family since the funeral of their mother in 2003, so there was lots of catching up to do.  Thanks Borgesons!

Michael DeMoss, son of Shannon and Marc DeMoss of Rockwell City was among the 68 graduates of South Central Calhoun High School.  Michael, who was co-president of the senior class was one of the six seniors who spoke during the graduation.   Following graduation a reception was held for Michael in the Community Room in Rockwell City.  The kitchen was manned by his uncle and aunt, Shawn and Lori DeMoss.  Other family members from this area attending were Velda DeMoss, LaVere and Bev Derry, Bryce DeMoss all of Rippey and Kyle and Emily DeMoss of Jefferson.

On Monday, May 21 a program was held at the Rippey School house hosted by the East Greene Elementary teachers and Friends of Rippey.  Since the building will not be used next year the teachers had the students learn about the school history as well as the history of the community and town.   Students had made posters which were displayed.  Former teachers and staff attended and were asked to share memories of their days in the Rippey Building.  Former teachers and staff included: Ann Denger, Jean Fergeson, Lila Knute, Mary Kinney, Carson and Betty Griffith, Johnette Kellogg, Jan Durlam, Marilyn Heater, Madonna Woodley, Kathy Fox, Barb Holz, Susan Wernli, John Turpin, Brenda Roberts and Colleen Anderson.
Several students read memories they had collected from staff and students.  Brenda Roberts let the singing of the National Anthem, the East Greene School song and the Rippey School song.   History of the building was shared and several of the 100 adults attending shared memories.  The teachers rang a bell nine times to represent the 90 years that the building had been in use.  Elementary Teachers that were the "Bell Ringers"   Annette Meyers, Stormy Fish, Janice Johnston, Doug Brown, Carly Brown, Michelle Wilkening, Sean Thompson, Jenny Nicholson, Stacy Berger and Nancy Kaufman.

The East Greene School Board and Superintendent, Mike Harter were on hand to present the People of the Rippey Community with the Friends of Education Award.  The Award was accepted by Ned Johnston and Velda DeMoss.  Following the program, lemonade, tea and cookies were served before the students were dismissed for the day.  Students enjoyed a week of celebrating the school and the end of the school year with inflatables, a cookout and field trips.

Memorial Day services were held at the Rippey Cemetery by the Rippey American Legion Post.  They had earlier helped with services at Fairview Church and conducted services at Angus and Old Rippey Cemetery.   Brenda Roberts led in the singing of God Bless America and Alma Bice place a wreath on the Soldier's Monument.  The message was given by Pastor Paul Burrow.  Following the honor guard firing their salute many of the guests attended a lunch at the Rippey United Methodist Church.

Midge Vannatta went to Ames Sunday for  a Bryan family gathering.  It was at the home of Midge's nephew and wife, Jack and Lois Girton.  Their son Jeremy is going to attend Columbia University, N.Y. this fall majoring in law.  He is working for a law firm this summer.  Also their daughter, Stephanie, who is a pediatric doctor and surgeon from  San Francisco was home.  Everyone enjoyed visiting with them.   Several family members came in the morning and played golf.  A potluck dinner was enjoyed.  In the afternoon everyone enjoyed Jack and Lois's flower and Hosta gardens.  Several of the ladies made "succulent wreaths".  Lois had a lot of different hen and chicken plants and these were used to make the wreaths.  They will have to be misted every so often until they take root and then they can be hung. They were fun to make and very pretty.  There was also a crochet game being played.  There were about 30 family members from Ames, New York, San Francisco, Logan, IA, Bondurant, Rippey and Perry.  Everyone had a good time and enjoyed visiting. 

Friends of Rippey will host a Cemetery Walk at the Rippey Cemetery on Saturday, June 2 at 4 pm.  Several life stories will be told at the gravesites to those attending.   Following the walk a meal will be served at the Rippey United Methodist Church.  Proceeds from this day will be used to expand the community building. 

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