Rippey Fire Department Hosts Grain Bin Rescue Training


Article and pictures by Anita Rowe, proud wife of firefighter, Brad

Being a farmer in Iowa can be a pretty tough gig.  Whether you own a farm, work on a farm, live near a farm, or even just drive by a farm on occasion, chances are you’re aware of a good many dangers farmers face on a daily basis.  There is livestock, of course, often in large numbers.  There is a lot of equipment, most of it enormous and very heavy, with oodles of moving parts or razor sharp edges.  And there is grain…tons and tons of grain.

According to statistical information gathered by researchers at Purdue University in Indiana, more than 900 cases of grain entrapment and/or engulfment have been reported in the United States in the last 50 years.  Approximately 62% of these cases resulted in fatalities, and most of those fatalities were due to suffocation.  It takes mere seconds to become trapped in moving grain, and a full grown man can be completely submerged in less than a minute.

 These figures are not something the firefighters and rescue personnel in Rippey and the surrounding communities take lightly.

On Saturday, August 9, 2014, the Rippey Fire Department hosted a training session that focused specifically on grain bin rescue procedures, using specialized rescue tubes that the department recently received.  The training was conducted by Don Ashenfelter of Professional Rescue Innovations, Inc (PRI).  Located in Van Meter, Iowa, PRI specializes in training programs for industrial and firefighter/rescue personnel that meet or exceed the standards set by both the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  The training session consisted of approximately four hours of classroom education followed by in-depth, hands-on training in a mock-scenario setting.  Breakfast and lunch were provided by the Rippey Fire Department, Heartland Co-op, and the Friends of Rippey, and was served by volunteers. The training was attended not only by members of Rippey’s fire department, but by firefighters and rescue personnel from Grand Junction, Dawson, and Jefferson, as well as by employees of Heartland Co-op.  Each participating member will receive a certificate of completion from the Iowa Fire Service Training Bureau (a division of the state fire marshal’s office).

Rippey Fire Chief Pete Johnson stated that coming up with the money for the purchase of both the equipment and the training was a joint effort between the fire department and Heartland Co-op, and was helped along by a grant from Greene County Foundation.

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And now.....Rippey News
August 17, 2014

Rippey United Methodist Church Activities

Rippey United Methodist Church 
PO Box 286, 103 West Main St. Rippey, IA 50235
Pastors:  Enna Antunez and Paul Burrow

Phone: 436-7731

Adult Sunday School at 9:00 a. m.
Worship Service is at 10:30 a. m.

Every Tuesday: Quilters 9:00- Coffee and fellowship 10:00- everyone welcome!

Sunday August 24 – 9:00 a.m. Rippey Sunday School starts.  1:00 p.m. Pastor Paul preaches at Spring Valley Retirement and Rowley Masonic Home.

Monday August 25 – 1:30 p.m. Organizational session of Disciple IV Bible Study @ Perry,  6:30 p.m. Organization session of Disciple IV Bible Study @ Rippey.

All activities beginning after summer vacation:

Rippey Ladies Aid will meet on Thursday, September 4, at 2:00.

Rippey Lions Club will meet on Thursday, September 4, at 7:00.

The Greene County Historical Society will have their dinner and meeting at the Rippey United Methodist Church at noon on September 5.

Plans are being made for the Rippey United Methodist Church semi-annual ice cream social onSeptember 7, from 4-7. 

Rippey Public Library Activities

August 28 at 10:30 a. m: Type your handwritten recipes at the library! Build a recipe book for your family!

As summer winds down and school begins, watch for the September activities to begin.  Support your local library.

Sarah Kilgore, Librarian

Phone: 515.436.7714



Monday 1-6
Tuesday 1:30-5:30
Wednesday 3-8
Thursday 10-2
Saturday 1-3

Visitors in the home of Dale and Nancy Hanaman for a family gathering (August 9) were Scott Bardole, Granger, Dr. John Bardole, Des Moines;  Shannon Bardole, Ames;  Sarah and Benji  Pearson, Steven, Elizabeth and Andrea, Superior, WI., Kevin and Mary Hick, and Rachel Sacco, Rippey.   Sarah and the children went with their grandparents for an outing to the Iowa State Fair. In addition to eating their way through the fair, they enjoyed the rides on the midway and visiting displays including a weaving demonstration, and the farm animals.

Several ladies of the Rippey Ladies Aid served cake and ice cream for the August birthdays at Rowley Masonic Home in Perry, on Tuesday, August 19.  Cake and home made ice cream was served with punch, coffee and ice water.  Midge Vannatta played for a sing-along and the August birthdays, along with their ages, were announced.  This was Wanita Hicks’ last month as Activities Director for Rowley Masonic Home and she will be missed.  Those who furnished cakes and helped serve were Phyllis Bardole, Connie Neese, Jan Friess and Midge Vannatta.  This is an annual event for the Rippey Ladies Aid and is enjoyed by all who take part.

Phil and Toni Roberts were joined by Connie Neese, Virgene Morse, and Jean Borgeson for anniversary meal at the Whistling Donkey in Woodward on Friday, August 15.  Their 50th wedding anniversary was on August 16 and they have been enjoying the week with their party, which was on August 9, as well as receiving lots of cards and phone calls.

Seth Borgeson, who will be six on August 21, celebrated with a party, hosted by his parents, Michael and Jill Borgeson, on Sunday, August 17 in their home.  Others attending were Seth’s brother, Jace, his grandfather, Mark Rose of Perry, grandmothers, Sharon Patton of Perry and Jean Borgeson of Rippey. Uncles, aunts, and cousins who also attended were Lem and Kim Dorr, Tanner and Zack, of Perry, Alan, Sarah, Kane and Kale Borgeson of Rippey, and Robert Borgeson of Jamaica.

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