October 27, 2014

Time Capsule Reclaimed, Will be opened at the next reunion
Printed with permission

Time capsule

Photo by Lori Van Gundy DeMoss

The saving grace of the demolition was discovered Tuesday, Sept. 30, as the 1920 date plaque near the front door was removed. Graduates and children attending elementary classes in the building will remember it was on the east wall at the bottom of the staircase and listed the members of the board of education; the construction company etc. As the cornerstone was carefully cut away and lifted out a sealed copper vault measuring 16 inches by 9 inches was a discovered.

When the community heard about the “strong box,” and the information went out on social media, primarily Facebook, all wondered about what the box contained. Local history buff Jean Borgeson found a reference to the vault in the “Rippey History,” printed in 1970 for the Rippey Centennial……”At the time of the laying of the cornerstone in the new building, there was placed a copper box, containing the following articles.

  “17 copies of the Rippey Booster containing items of events leading up to the structure; copies of the Jefferson Bee, Jefferson Herald, Perry Chief, Perry Tribune, state papers both daily and political, 30 views of Rippey including the old schoolhouse and the one we are now using; records of the school board from the start of the public school teaching in Rippey; secretaries’ report which was furnished by A. E. Jensen, secretary of the board; a complete personnel of the present board and its officers together with the men who are constructing the new building; treasurer’s report and literature and reports that cover every activity in Rippey and community; also a record of the men who took part in the late World War,; those who took part in the Civil War; various stamps, postage and revenue, coins, and money and many other articles. Over these articles was spread a picture of both Cox and Harding, nominees for president and on top of these were placed four of our country’s flags, each containing 48 states.”

Only memories remain for the Rippey graduates and East Greener’s attending elementary school. There were antics and issues that students, teachers, cooks, janitors, and bus drivers will (mostly) fondly hold about plays, and proms, musicals, and recess, and the bus rides, and the overall education that was provided and received.
The gymnasium, now called the Wisecup gymnasium, constructed in 1959, remains intact for use by the Greene County Schools.
Debris remains. Bricks will be crushed and ground for re-cycling; some will be saved and will be available to Rippey and East Greene alumni or those with a bond to the school in the future.
The signage at the top of the building, “Rippey Consolidated School” was cut away and lowered intact for a school memorial to be erected in the city of Rippey. The doors and windows were salvaged by the demolition crew. Slate boards were salvaged and given to the Friends of Rippey for future Christmas decorations, with a remembrance on the reverse side showing they were from the Rippey School. These will be for sale.

Shawn DeMoss

Pictured Thursday with the copper vault is Greene County School grounds/transportation director Shawn DeMoss.  His great grandfather Claude Johnson was a school board director when the building opened in 1921.  He has overseen the demolition of the building for the newly formed Greene County district.

In talking with Verdina Odin Hastings Rippey High school Class of 1958, co-facilitator of the Rippey alumni, the box will be opened during the next alumni party to be held Saturday at noon of Memorial Day Weekend 2015. The contents will be available for all to see at that time.

For more artcles on the demoliton please see here

Rippey United Methodist Church

Rippey United Methodist Church 
PO Box 286, 103 West Main St. Rippey, IA 50235
Pastors:  Enna Antunez and Paul Burrow

Phone: 436-7731

Adult Sunday School at 9:00 a. m.
Worship Service is at 10:30 a. m.

Every Tuesday: Quilters 9:00- Coffee and fellowship 10:00- everyone welcome!

Rev. Enna presented a Bible to JoEllyn Rowe on Sunday, October 26, 2014.  Every year, all third graders are presented a Bible from the congregation of Rippey United Methodist Church and they are presented in memory of Paul Bardole, a long time Sunday School teacher.

 Lots of Socks & More ends October 31.

The sixth “Lots of Socks Drive” is underway.  New socks, underwear, diapers and pull-ups can be put in the collection box located in the church from October 7th - 31st.  Sponsored by Greene County RSVP 55+ Volunteer Program, local churches & businesses, Middle and High School, National Honor Society, St. Brigid Church CCD Class and New Opportunities have teamed up for this effort.

Holiday Greenery Sale Ends November 2.
This is the last week the THUG group will be selling greenery. Contact Angela Abbas for further information, or call the church office.

Blankets for Love Continues
See the blanket display in the Fellowship Hall for “Blanket the World with Love.”  For over 60 years, Church World Service has worked in partnership with local communities to identify their needs and access the resources they need to build the foundation for a more viable future, including: Blankets, tents, food and other emergency supplies in the wake of a disaster, tools and seeds for refugees returning home to replant their fields, wells for families living in drought prone areas to provide clean, safe water to drink and to irrigate crops and gardens, literacy training and microcredit for women struggling to realize their potential.  The blanket will be on display for your donations for a few Sundays.

Choir Cantata
The choir has started to practice for their Christmas Cantata.  Anyone who wishes to sing can join the choir at 7:30 on Wednesdays.  The last half of choir practice will be for the cantata.

Sarah Kilgore, Librarian
Phone: 515.436.7714

Monday 1-6
Tuesday 1:30-5:30
Wednesday 3-8
Thursday 10-2
Saturday 1-3

Trick or Treating in Rippey October 29, 2014 from 5:30-7:30 p. m.

The Rippey Library will have a Halloween Party on October 29, 2014, at 4:00 p. m. BEFORE  Trick or Treating.


Denny Laudner

Presenting the plaque to Denny is Nancy Burrow, President and Myron Rinker, Treasurer.

Denny Lautner of Jefferson, IA, was an honored guest at the Rippey Lions Club meeting, Thursday, October 16, 2014.  Denny was a member of the club when he was Officer In Charge at the Rippey Post Office.  Denny supported the club in many ways, and was always willing to help.  The club presented Denny with an appreciation plaque during the meeting, which was followed by a delicious meal prepared by members of the church.

David, Barbara, Delaney, Keagan, and Riley Ovenshire, along with Grandma Connie Neese, drove to Ft Sill, OK to attend graduation ceremonies from Bailey‘s boot camp.

Thursday was recognition of the 240 graduates.  Twenty graduates were recognized for a stripe and Bailey was one of those honored.

 One of the features was  US citizenship awarded to seven graduates who completed their requirements that included service to their new country.

There were demonstrations of their first weeks of training to complete that phase of “Family Day”

The second phase was off base leave, which included “eating out” and “sweets” which had been denied the past nine weeks.  The time quickly passed and formation called.

The next day was graduation.  The speakers were leaders at Fort Sill.  Her platoon was recognized.  Each graduate marched to the platform, stated their name and where they were from, marched across the stage and shook hands with the officers.  Bailey’s “favorite” drill Sargent was also recognized.

 The band played and the group raised the roof singing the Army song and then the group exited the building marching in cadence as the favorite drill Sargent called out.

The families returned to the base to pick up their soldier to spend time before formation time in the evening. 

Saturday a. m., her group was headed by charter bus to Sam Houston, TX, Fort Sam where Bailey will begin her combat medic training for 19 weeks. After these nine weeks, she still “Loves it!”

Jean Borgeson joined relatives in Des Moines for lunch on Thursday, October 23, 2014.  Others attending were her sister and husband, Elayne and Dean Bice of Johnston, her Aunt Virginia Siglin, Waukee, and her son, Bill Siglin, of Woodward, Lorna Fogue and her daughter and son, Vickie Fogue and R. W. Fogue, and Carrel Breeding, all of Des Moines.  Virginia and Lorna are 95 year old first cousins and it is always fun to get together with them, and their kids, to visit and listen to some stories of the old days.

 Before returning home, Jean visited in the home of Pam Sanders.  Pam will be remembered as Mrs. Schnicker, who taught in the East Greene Elementary School in the 1980’s.

The big equipment at the school is gone, as their part of the demolition of the building is finished.  It will take some time to get use to the new look on the road west of Rippey. 

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