August 17, 2015



Nominating petitions for the Nov. 3 city elections can be filed from Monday, Aug. 24 through Thursday, Sept. 17, at 5 pm.

In Rippey, the term of Mayor Daniel Brubaker and the terms of council members Ned Johnston, Richard Liebich and Jon Allen will expire. The mayor serves  a two-year term.  All city council members serve four-year terms

The number of signatures needed for nomination is determined by population. Ten qualified signatures are needed in Rippey.

Nominating petitions are available at the office of each city clerk, in the Greene County auditor’s office, or on the Iowa Secretary of State’s website at

Rippey United Methodist Church

PO Box 286, 103 West Main St. Rippey, IA 50235
Pastor Paul Burrow
Phone: 436-7731

Adult Sunday School at 9:45 a. m.
Worship Service is at 11:00 a. m.

Every Tuesday: Quilters 9:00 - Coffee and fellowship 10:00 - everyone welcome.

August 23:  Bring a Pack/Bless a Pack

 All school-age children and youth are invited to bring their backpack or book bag to church to be blessed.  Also, all are invited to bring a backpack to give to those who cannot afford one.  The backpacks will be blessed and given to the school for distribution.

Rippey Public Library

Andrea Williams, Librarian
Phone: 515.436.7714

Monday 1:00 – 6:00
Tuesday 1:30 - 5:30
Wednesday 3:00 – 8:00
Thursday 12:00 – 6:00

August 31, 2015:  Rippey Library Board of Trustees meet in the library at 6:00

News in and around Rippey.

Bye Bye Blues Meet

 Doris Brown hosted the members of Bye Bye Blues and their guests, on Thursday, August 20, 2015.  The group enjoyed visiting and reminiscing during the morning brunch. Attending were, Marilyn Pentico, and her two great-granddaughters and a grandson, Lois McDowell, Donna Ridinour, and Midge Vannatta, of Perry, Eleanor Alex, Meladee Graven and Kyle Graven of Grand Junction, and Jean Borgeson, of Rippey.  

 Roy and Phyllis Bardole and Aden Bardole left August 14th for a weekend with the Jason Bardole's of Wauwatosa WI. Aden and Levi and Kate play good together, so Aden thought it would be good to go to their house.  Most of the weekend was spent building a "tree house" in the tree above the play set.  It actually attaches to the fort.  It was built with safety in mind, so it took a lot of thought to get that done.  While waiting for the project to proceed, Levi and Aden played games, went to the school playground, and Allison took them and Kate to play Lazer Tag.  Chase is quite mobile now so it kept us busy keeping up with him.  The "tree house" was complete by the afternoon, so Aden was able to try it out before we headed home.  It was a fun weekend!

 Jean Borgeson joined her sister, Elayne Bice of Johnston, and their cousin, Ann Siglin of Hollis, NH for a recent lunch date.  Ann is in the area visiting her mother, Virginia Siglin of Waukee for a few weeks.

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